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There are 3 types of E-Cig buyers1. Those who are looking for a short term use ( A road trip, family gatherings, ect.. )2. People who still smoke and will use E-Cigs Inside public places, stores, or inside your home.3. Long term Smokers that want to use a SAFER alternative, for yourself and people around you. (second hand smoke kills, non-smokers) and with different strengths of E-Liquid / E-Juice / and refillsIt offers several levels of strength for those who would use them to quit smoking in steps down in strength.

I Reccomend Apollo for the short term users.

For any E-Cig needs from starter kits to refill E-liquid.

With so many shapes and sizes, options which E-Cig is right for you ?

First and most simple are the disposable types, they usually equal between 1-3 packs depending on types. With disposables you simply puff until they die then dispose of them. ( Great for Short term users )

Then There are rechargable batteries with pre-filled cartridges average cost per pack equivalent between $2-$4 probably not the best choice for everyday long term users.

Cheapest in the long term about $0.25 - $1.00 per pack are starter kits with refill liquid that is put into refillable cartridges, cartomizers, or tankomizers. ( great for every day users or people that are quitting cigarettes by stepping down in strength of liquids )


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